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"I have carried the weight of losing you to adoption. The guilt and sadness and grief is part of me. My hope is that your life has been filled with love peace and happiness. I am sorry. Love always."


"I wanted to participate in this project to share my lived experience and to slay the myths surrounding adoption that die-hards won't give up"


"I wanted to participate in this project because we need to keep discussing adoption and how it impacts lives.  Only by talking about it can we inspire change."


“I talk about my adoption experience publicly in hopes other mothers will be encouraged to tell their story, and, for adoptees to know they were loved very much and very much wanted.”


"I wanted to participate in this project because I want people to know how much damage adoption separation does to people, and that for an adoption to take place, a family has to be destroyed first. I want them to know that babies are not blank slates, and that adoption affects us PREMANENTLY."


“Mum's The Word” is an interactive documentary on the legacy of the adoption mandate in Canada as seen through the eyes of those who lived it and those who still feel it today. In the post-war period, approximately 350,000 women throughout Canada were coerced into giving their "illegitimate children” up for adoption by churches, social workers, government agencies, and sometimes their own familes. The impact and stigma that this mandate created are only beginning to be understood today.



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