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Sharon's Story

Sharon Pederson explains how people continuously discouraged her from keeping her baby by saying she was incapable and that the baby will be far better off in a home with a mom and dad.

Pearl's Story Pt.1

Pearl's Story Pt.2

Pearl Newfeld shares the lifelong trauma she endured after leaving Bethany Maternity Home where they forced her to give up her baby, convincing her she would forget about him.

Loretta's Story

Loretta Rose Deutscher reads a piece from her poem A Box of Locked Secrets. A poem she wrote about her experiences when she lost her two daughters to adoption. The poem describes her loss and reconnection with one of her daughters.

Colleen's Story

Colleen talks about her journey understanding her adoption past and helping others do the same.

Australian Apology

Australia is currently the only country to have apologized for past adoption practices. Canada will soon be the second. What actions would you like to see the government take?

Lori’s Story

November is Adoption Awareness Month. Lori never met her mother, but found her in the most unusual way.

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